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"'s in the way we listen for the messages in the flames and dig for the treasure in the ashes." ~Elizabeth Lesser

Amazon #1 International Best Seller

After carefully building a fulfilling professional and family life, Shari’s family got the news no one ever wants to hear, and she became the mother no one ever wants to be. One summer day, her 14-year-old son, Connor, was killed in an airplane crash on the way home from a four-day vacation. A parent’s worst nightmare came true, and instantly she was given a new life she didn’t want and would never choose.

Navigating the perilous journey of traumatic loss is agonizing. You can’t believe this is your life, and happiness, faith, and wholeness seem reserved for everyone else. In honor of Connor and her family, Shari authentically shares her dark and raw journey of pain that evolves to a place of transformation, renewal, and surprising hope. In Life from the Ashes; Finding Signs of Hope After the Loss of Your Child, Shari describes the steps she took toward living again and the unexpected and sacred gifts her journey revealed. You will discover that you can:

• find new meaning through your loss
• know your child is not gone and is still with you
• experience a greater connection with your Higher Power and learn to trust again
• discover that blessings come in even the most painful moments
• have hope and be happy again in your life

If you have been devastated by loss, learn ways in which you can be happy again while finding hope, deeper faith, and greater meaning in your life.

Available now on in EBook.

To be released in paperback by Morgan James Publishing in early 2018
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Advanced Praise for Life from the Ashes

“A beautifully written and insightful portrayal of one woman’s journey through profound loss and the steps of recovery that transformed her. An inspiring and healing guide for anyone who is bereaved and looking for Hope as well as for those looking to support the bereaved.”
~ Dr. Gloria Horsley, President & Founder,
Bereaved Mother

“An inspirational book. If you are walking the path of unspeakable grief, let Shari speak for you and to you. Her story of tragedy is shared with rare vulnerability. What she has learned from it will greatly encourage you and provide valuable perspectives for yourself and others you love who are grieving.”
~ Cindy Wigglesworth, President, Deep Change Inc., Author

This book is for you if you:

• wonder if you can ever be happy again
• don’t know how to go on for another day much less a lifetime
• feel hopeless and that no one understands you or your life anymore
• don’t want to live this new life you’ve been given
• question how you will ever have faith again when God let your child die
• feel like your despair and anger will never end

What people are saying about Life from the Ashes

“So many great strategies for coping with any major trauma. I have no words. You are an inspiration, Shari.”

“Life from the Ashes provides Wisdom and Hope for all who have endured great loss, particularly the unspeakable pain of losing a child. The strength and grace Shari shares is inspirational, and her story has changed me forever. I have a new deeply spiritual and lifelong appreciation for each day of my life and those of my loved ones. I am thankful Shari opened her heart and soul through writing this and gave me this priceless gift of being more present in my own life.”

“I read this in one sitting and found myself reflecting on what is important in life and why gratitude is the key to happiness. What I found so hopeful was the path described to find peace and joy through gratitude. Loved the book and would highly recommend it.”

“I am amazed how Shari has grown like a phoenix out of the ashes and has a greater purpose on this planet and an important and enduring message for all of us.”

“When we are forced to travel a grief journey that goes way beyond our knowing or comprehension, we desperately need help and guidance. Having that come from a mom who is walking that path of grief herself, creates a powerful and deeply authentic resource for the bereaved. As a bereaved mom myself, I know this book is truly a gift of love.”

“Oh wow…tears in my eyes…this is beautiful Shari…you are a walking miracle…thanks for inspiring me.”

“I am so grateful to you, Shari, for sharing your hard-earned wisdom, and I am proud of you for digging deep and finding the courage to tell your story. My heart is so full of hope having read your book.”

“Looking back while moving forward. What strength and skill that requires, and Shari does it beautifully.”

" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. "

Marianne Williamson – quoted by Nelson Mandela in 1994 Inaugural Address
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